Rapid Remind

simple & fast

Start a timer with only 1 tap

You are looking for the fastest and most intuitive way to create reminders on your iPhone? You found it: Rapid Remind! One Tap and your reminder is scheduled!

Often you want to get reminded of something, but it simple takes too much effort to schedule a reminder. When scheduling itself takes minutes, you will not create a reminder. But with Rapid Remind you will! Tap, Tap, Done! There is absolutely no faster or better way.

Our groundbreaking user interface makes it extremely easy to schedule reminders. With Rapid Remind you are able to set up reminders in less than 5 seconds! Using Rapid Remind makes you forget about bulky wheel interfaces to setup date and time of your reminder. Now it is fun to get notified on near-term events.

Create events with only 2 taps

  • Tomorrow, 8 AM, Meet Mum
  • Today, 5 PM, Buy Wine
  • Saturday, 6 PM, Blockbuster Time
  • after 12 minutes your Pizza is ready
  • after 90 minutes your parking meter is expire
  • call back your dad in 2 hours

Rapid Remind for your iPhone

  • Multitasking: You'll get notified even if the app is not running at the moment
  • Intuitive: 3 fast, simple & intuitive input modes for scheduling reminders
  • Customizable: Create your individual timer screen with timer buttons of your choice
  • Title for every event possible - immediatly or afterwards
  • Intelligent: You are guided by intelligent buttons and an intuitive color concept
  • Touch and hold to set events immediately
  • Badge Icon: Displays number of reminders in icon
  • Alarm sounds: 19 great alarm sounds included
  • iPhone with iOS 4
  • iPod Touch with iOS 4

Set a specific date and time incredibly fast

Custom date and time entry is done the fastest way this can be done!

Example: December, 24th, 10.30 AM => Just tap 1 2 2 4, 1 0 3 0, AM, OK => You're done! Of course the intuitive user interface helps you during typing. You always know what to enter next.

Reminder titles

You can assign titles to every event... even if they are in progress already!

Our tip: Long Tap

Touch and hold a button starts your timer or sets your event immediately during creation. You can skip optional steps by touch and hold anywhere in the app. You can add or change each title at a later time.